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How I started acting


Always remember your roots. Don’t get too big for your boots. Two things I was always taught through my life.

Would I have ever envisioned myself on a stage or even more far-fetched, on television and film – short answer – NO!


A very close friend suggested I do some acting. What me? On a stage?
It was funny though – The year 2002 – I was living in Walthamstow in London and there was a regular delivery of a free newspaper in the mail. In this one edition was an advertisement to join a local drama group. I gave them a call just on the off-chance. I spoke to Michael, who still runs the group. He was almost as surprised as me about the advert. I asked if I could go along and see what they did. I was greeted a friendly “family” of part-time actors. I was hooked.

I was given a walk-on part in their Summer open-air performance of Shakepeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor. No lines to learn as such – just carrying on a basket in full Elizabethan costume. I loved it.


I wanted to take this further…

LAMDA Grades (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts) 6 (Bronze medal), 7 (Silver medal) and 8 (Gold medal).

Night School at The London Centre for Theatre Studies my tutor Jenny Lipman.

Intense 4-day course at The Poor School in London.

City Lit in London, putting on a play (Peribañez).

Further down the line I did Stage Combat training with BADC (British Academy of Dramatic Combat) Basic (rapier sword, dagger and unarmed combat), followed by APC (Academy of Performance Combat) in broadsword.

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